Virtual Physiotherapy

In order to serve you with on-going safe, high quality care we are pleased to offer video conferencing sessions for new and existing patients!  These virtual sessions are fully covered by many insurance companies, so we can provide physiotherapy treatments to you in the safety and comfort of your own home.

It’s simple: just click the link below to find out more about virtual physiotherapy visits.

Reach us anytime at 519-787-2714, or email  and leave a message.  We’ll be in touch to help you out wherever and however we can.

Virtual (or on-line) physiotherapy is the remote delivery of physiotherapy services to patients via video calls.  This service is appropriate for both new and existing patients who require physiotherapy.

A registered physiotherapist will connect with you using the internet on a fully secure and privacy-compliant video platform.  It is actually very easy to set up, and it is a great way to make sure you are getting any questions about your condition answered by a reliable, trusted and experienced physiotherapist.

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No problem - we are here to help!  We will send you an email with all the instructions on how to access your virtual physiotherapy session.  In order to join a virtual session, you will need a computer, tablet or cell phone with a camera and access to the internet (the stronger connection the better!).

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  • An emergency contact in case something happens to you during a virtual session (highly unlikely, but we like to be prepared!).
  • An alternate way to contact you (phone number), should our connection be lost during your session.
  • It is helps if you can be in a well-lit space and have enough room to move around so your physiotherapist can evaluate your movement patterns as needed.

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There are many things we can do in your video conferencing session to help you!

We can:

  • Take a complete history to accurately diagnose your condition
  • Design a personalized treatment plan to meet your goals
  • Progress your current treatment plan and modify/upgrade your exercises
  • Watch you move in your own home, to help us figure out where your where your pain is coming from)
  • Provide lots of helpful education so you can understand what is going on with your body, and to help you learn how to fix it faster
  • Prescribe exercises and stretches, using an extensive library of supporting photos
  • Correct your exercise form and provide cues to perform them more effectively
  • Help train another person to assist you with your exercises or stretches
  • Provide and refine self joint mobilization & muscle release techniques
  • Provide an ergonomic assessment of your computer work-station
  • Answer whatever questions you may have

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It is always a good idea to check with your provider, but the Ontario Physiotherapy Association has released a list of providers that will cover virtual visits (updated as of April 9, 2020).  Please see the link below.

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