Frequently Asked Questions

No. In Ontario, physiotherapists are considered primary health care practitioners, so a referral from a doctor is not necessary. However, if you have coverage for physiotherapy treatment through an extended health benefit plan, the insurance company may require a doctor’s referral.

If you have extended health care benefits, please contact your insurance provider to find out if you are covered for physiotherapy treatment. Most extended benefit plans do offer coverage for physiotherapy treatment, but we recommend that you check into your specific annual limits, as benefits plans can vary widely.  

Your initial visit will typically last from 40-60 minutes. Your physiotherapist will start with a thorough history of your injury, asking you questions about how the pain began, or how your injury occurred. The therapist will ask about factors that contribute to your pain such as hobbies, sports, work, and previous injuries. Your relevant medical history will be reviewed with you, and any test reports (MRI, CT scan, ultrasound, X-Ray) that you bring with you will be discussed.   The physiotherapist will then do a physical assessment of your injury/problem area. During your initial assessment, your physiotherapist will discuss with you what they have found, they will provide treatment (often a combination of manual therapy techniques to relieve pain and restore mobility, and specific exercises that you can do at home to accelerate your progress), and they will come up with a treatment plan for you, including recommendations regarding scheduling further treatments with you.

Once your initial assessment is complete, you and your physiotherapist will discuss what types of treatment will work best for you, and together you will come up with a treatment plan. Attendance recommendations are made on an individual basis and will change week to week as your condition improves and your treatment progresses.  Our goal is to help you regain full function and independence, so that you can return to your regular activities and healthy lifestyle as soon as possible!

Please bring the appropriate forms (downloadable from this website), any reports from tests that you would like us to review with you, and a list of your current medications. We will need to work on the specific areas of concern, and those areas of the body will need to be visible and accessible for treatment.

Please bring/change into shorts or loose pants if your physiotherapist is assessing your back or any lower extremity joint (i.e. hip, knee, ankle).   A tank top or similar style of top is ideal to bring if your therapist is assessing your shoulder/upper back.

Our initial visit typically lasts from 40-60 minutes. Typically, follow up treatments are 20 minutes in duration, but your therapist may recommend that you remain in the clinic longer (at no extra charge) for heat or cold therapy, electrical stimulation, and/or acupuncture, or to use our facilities to complete the exercise component of your treatment.


Yes, we do accept motor vehicle accident (MVA) claims. If you have been involved in a car accident, there is a specific process that must be followed. Under Ontario law (government mandated legislation), if you have extended healthcare benefits, you must exhaust these benefits first before your automobile insurance will pay for any physiotherapy treatment.   Once your extended benefits are maximized (or if you have no extended healthcare benefits), we are then able to bill your car insurance company on your behalf for the remainder of your treatments.

Yes, we are registered with the WSIB and we are able to bill WSIB directly on your behalf. As long as your claim has been approved by WSIB for physiotherapy treatment, you will not have to pay for your treatment. We will work closely with your employer and your family physician to help you return to work as quickly and as safely as possible! In order to expedite the process, please ensure that both you and your employer have filled out all the necessary paperwork for your claim. Please note that if WSIB rejects your claim, you will be billed for any treatments under our regular billing rates ($85 for your assessment, $50 for each treatment).

No, we do not provide physiotherapy treatment through OHIP. The vast majority of private clinics in Ontario no longer have OHIP billing privileges.

Yes! According to the laws in Ontario, every patient is entitled to choose their own provider for physiotherapy.  Even if your workplace or insurance company recommend that you go to a specific clinic for physiotherapy treatment, you may still arrange to go to any clinic of your own choosing.

Before beginning physiotherapy treatment, you should make sure that the health care provider is a physiotherapist registered with the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario ( We are a physiotherapist-owned clinic and all of our physiotherapists are fully registered and in good standing with our College.

No. In keeping with our mission to provide the highest possible quality of physiotherapy care to you, we do not employ any assistants. Your entire assessment and treatment will be performed by one of our fully registered physiotherapists. All of our therapists have undergone extensive post-graduate training (see About Us and Services).