Since we do not employ aides or assistants, each and every comprehensive assessment and one-on-one treatment at Grand River Physiotherapy is provided solely by one of our skilled physiotherapists. During our thorough assessment, we will determine the root cause of your pain, and we take the time to educate you to ensure that you fully understand what is causing your symptoms.

Our physiotherapists are extremely dedicated to their profession and their patients, continually advancing their skills with ongoing post-graduate courses, resulting in better results for our patients. Most importantly, we know how to rehabilitate your injury or condition in the fastest and safest way possible, guided by a combination of the latest research and our accumulated 60-plus years of physiotherapy experience!




Hilary Stonehouse

Registered Physiotherapist

Mark Stonehouse

Registered Physiotherapist

Karina Cranston

Registered Physiotherapist

Stacy Foote

Registered Physiotherapist, Pelvic Health

Tyler Czerny

Registered Physiotherapist

Dan Southwell

Registered Physiotherapist

Remy Valiaveettil

Physiotherapy Resident

Massage Therapists

Samantha Douglas

Registered Massage Therapist


Mary-Lou Nagel

Senior Office Administrator

Lisa Walker

Office Administrator

Janet Latimer

Office Administrator